My Services

Sewing Lessons
I offer classes for people wishing to learn how to sew. From absolute beginners who have never touched a sewing machine before to people with intermediate skills who need help learning more complex skills.

Alterations & Repairs
If you don't have the time or equipment to sew for yourself and need something repaired or altered, I can do it for you!

Need a whole new outfit or costume made? I can work with you to create just what you need! I can work within your budget to create that dazzling dress or awesome cosplay that looks so much more unique than anything you can get in a shop. 

For enquiries please call Terry on 
0417 621 250

Upcoming Classes

Absolute Beginners sewing classes at Netherworld, Fortitude Valley:
Monday 25th November from 6pm (more info here)
Monday 2nd December from 6pm (more info here)

Learn how to sew a Tote Bag (includng simple pattern reading)
Monday 9th December (more info here)