About Me

My name is Terry and I have been sewing since I was very young, when I used to make my own Barbie clothes. I'm mostly self taught, but have honed my skills over the years, learning many different types of sewing from dressmaking to quilting and more. 

I consider sewing an invaluable skill that is underutilised these days. Fast fashion has made it too easy to buy something quick and easy for immediate, thoughtless consumption which is not only bad for the environment but also totally boring. I believe being able to make your own clothing, costumes, home wares etc is so much more interesting and a great way to express oneself. 

I started teaching sewing classes for absolute beginners in 2018 when I realised there was a huge demand for such classes but very few places for people to learn. Sewing machines are more affordable and accessible than ever, so why don't more people sew for themselves? I quickly discovered I love passing on my skills to others and helping them discover the joy of sewing for themselves.